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TrueBallot, Inc. provides election services for labor unions, associations, Native American tribal organizations, homeowners associations and cooperatives, public entities, and other organizations. We administer elections on-site (polling place elections), by mail, by web, and by phone. We provide our clients with the highest level of security, transparency, and auditability available in the industry.

TrueBallot combines adherence to strict standards of impartiality and confidentiality with an understanding of human factors, election types and proven methods of automation.

Our telephone, Internet, mail and live paper/electronic voting systems can be used in any combination. We are flexible and can customize a solution to your election requirements. Our professional staff includes attorneys, software engineers, and election administrators with years of experience who adapt technology to the specialized circumstances governing any particular election.

Our patented TrueReview ballot auditing system, provides the most accurate, efficient and transparent auditing solution available. Used in conjunction with any optical scan (paper) election, our TrueReview Ballot Browser provides a level of confidence in election results unmatched by any other technology.

TrueBallot's understanding of the voting process, in combination with our proprietary technology and our sensitivity to human factors make our systems transparent, user friendly and accurate.

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Election Services and Software

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Back Office Voter Management

Your organization absentee and duplicate ballot requests are always available. Your password protected dashboard allows you to service your voters instantly.

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